Carscope Viso Master (Extended) Kit – 2340


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Powerful, Portable, Feature-Rich & a Great Price!

This is the master kit for the handheld two-channel Viso.

The kit includes the following:

CarScope Viso Basic Kit

1 set of Acupuncture probes

1 Piercing test clip (Red)

1 Piercing test clip (Black)

1 10:1 Attenuator

1 20:1 Attenuator

1 Red Crocodile clip

1 Black crocodile clip

1 60 amp (low) current probe

1 600 amp (high) current probe

1 pressure pulse tester

1 #1 cylinder Trigger pick up clamp

2 Capacitive ignition pick up clamps

Viso Master (extended) kit
Viso Master (extended) kit

2 Coil on plug pick up sensors

2 coil on plug extension leads

1 Carrying case


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