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At Autoscopeology, we pride ourselves on bringing high quality automotive lab scopes, diagnostic software and other accessories to the technician at a great price.  We don’t work for the manufacturers; we work for you.

​Making money as a technician depends on diagnosing engines quickly and accurately.  These are the tools you need to do it.  Get the right scopes, scan tools, software and accessories and diagnose right the first time.

We offer a range of lab scopes, from a two channel handheld to four channel pc based, which will allow you to pinpoint waveforms with high visibility and a library of known good and waveforms.  We stand behind all of our products, with technical support, software updates, and clear manuals for installation and use.

​ We have just added a pressure transducer kit to our lineup. This will allow testing of compression, timing and exhaust issues more accurately than ever.  Another area we’ll back you up in is diesel diagnostics, since our products are universal.

Thanks for coming by, and feel free to ask us any questions or tell us what you need via email or phone!

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