KANE AUTOplus 5 Gas Analyzer with ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software & Printer



Kane Gas Analyzer with Printer
Kane Gas Analyzer with Printer and Ansed Software

5 Gas Analyzer by Kane with Ansed Analyzer & Diagnostic Software With Optional Printer

Hand Held Gas Analyzer – CO, HC, CO2, O2 & NOx

(also available without optional printer)


All the features you’d expect from a Kane Exhaust Gas Analyzer including a monochrome QVGA display and Bluetooth ™

The AUTOplus measures CO, HC, CO2, O2, NOx & Lambda.

Hand held and portable it can be used on Petrol/Gasoline, LPG, CNG & Diesel vehicles with a fast warm up, the AC & 12v Power Supply provides up to 4 hours internal battery life.

With multilingual software the AUTOplus is ideal for Pre-compliance testing, vehicle diagnostics and servicing to manufacturers specification.

It is also easily maintained with a low cost of ownership.

The ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software

Experts with decades of experience in emissions and exhaust gas diagnostics helped develop the ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software.  In just one minute, this singular and distinctive software can indicate many potential and existing problems with likely solutions.

The powerful algorithms in the software considers multiple factors and all gases simultaneously, not just the old two-dimensional fixed charts.  The software uses a floating matrix formula for each gas that changes as the results change, taking into consideration several other variables of the vehicle tested to further enhance the accuracy of the formulas.

Several possible solutions, in order of probability, are suggested by the software.  The first suggestion is the likely cause in 75-80% of the situations, similar with the methodology of a scan tool.

Your shop can benefit from identifying problems in the engine, fuel system, emissions control system, catalytic converter and exhaust system – even problems not yet severe enough to set a trouble code.

Faster diagnostics, documentation for selling preventative services, and verification of repairs are just a few of the ways you can build your reputation as the place to go for automotive performance and diagnostics.

Key Benefits

  • Gas Analyzer is completely portable

    – Easy to hold in hand
    – Sample exhaust gas in the shop or on a road test
    – NOx testing without a dyno meter

  • Low cost to operate and maintain

    – Operates off internal re-chargeable battery
    – Self-calibrating, no cal-gas required
    – Water trap and filter visible

  • Fast diagnostic times

    – All readings LIVE “real-time”
    – not calculated


  • QVGA Display

    – Large (3” x 2.2”) and easy to read

  •  Ergonomic Design Keypad

    – Simple and easy to use

  • Bluetooth or USB Cable

    – Links analyzer easily to PC to use with KANE LIVE Graphing Software

  • Variable Pump Speed

    – Allows for adjustment of the pump speed, which can then improve battery life

  • Hi-Speed Print Capability

    – KMIRP2 high speed printer with rechargeable batteries

  • Hi-Temp Probe

    – EPAUTO7 with Neoprene tubing


ANSED 5-Gas Diagnostic System Kit, includes KANE 5-Gas AUTOplus, EPAUTO7 Probe, 110v Charger and Mains Lead, 12V DC Charger, CL5 USB cable, Manual, Filters, ANSED Software & KANE LIVE Graphing Software, and KMIRP2 HiSpeed Printer in a Soft Shoulder Carry Bag.


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