AATEC 3500 MicSig Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope

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AATEC 3500 Pro Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope

Powerful, Portable, Feature-Rich, & great Price!

The AATEC 3500 Pro Automotive Scope is a rugged, battery-powered portable, handheld automotive tablet  oscilloscope specially designed for the Automotive Market.

AATEC 3500 Scope is a 2022 Motor Top 20 Tool

The AATEC 3500 Pro has been selected as a 2022 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool!

The ATTEC 3500 Pro is a battery-powered portable 4 Channel handheld automotive oscilloscope equipped with many diagnostic presets, robust signal analysis, with a user-friendly, full-touch interface package.

AATEC is the official Distributor for the USA     Learn More! Download the PDF 

3 Year Warranty on Tablet
Free lifetime online software updates

AATEC 3500 Micsig Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope
AATEC 3500 Micsig Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope

Choose the AATEC 3500 Pro
Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope?

  • Practicality: Battery-powered, Portable, Large Screen display, No Laptop Needed, All-in-one Unit, Perfect for Field Work
  • User-friendly: Intuitive Android Operating System, Numerous Auto-Diagnostic Software Presets, Full Touch Screen or Button Operation,
    Pop-up Menus, One Click To Get Signals
  • Performance: Robust 4 Channel Hardware, High-level Specifications. Professional R&D Team, World’s First Tablet Touchscreen Oscilloscope Manufacturer
  • Compatibility: Not Only For Car-diagnostics, But Also For Motorcycle, Heavy Truck & All The Other General Electric Signal Testing
  • Free software updates; PC & Mobile App remote control & HDMI: Perfect For Training & Education
  • Affordable Pricing for a Revolutionary Auto-diagnostic Tool
  • Rising Star in Auto Diagnostic Tools: 100% Positive User Feedback So Far
AATEC 3500 Micsig Oscilloscope
AATEC 3500 Micsig Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope
AATEC 3500 Micsig Scope Characteristics
AATEC 3500 Micsig Scope Characteristics

AATEC 3500 Pro Automotive – 14 Things to Know

AATEC 3500 Micsig Oscilloscope
AATEC 3500 Micsig Oscilloscope – designed for the automotive industry

1. Comprehensive auto diagnostic presets package

Designed for automotive diagnostics, saves time and makes this tool powerful for technicians of all skill levels

2. Engine ignition test

It can test various ignition systems such as COP independent ignition, single-cylinder ignition, multi-cylinder ignition, with distributor without distributor, and pulse ignition.

3. Sensor tests

It can test ABS, accelerator pedal, throttle position, intake pressure, air flow meter, crankshaft, camshaft, knocking, oxygen sensor systems, etc.

4. Actuator tests

It can test various fuel injectors’ voltage and current, fan control signal, variable valve timing, carbon canister solenoid valve, EGR solenoid valve, etc.

5. Communication tests

It can test CAN, LIN, Flex ray, K-line, etc.

6. Startup and charging tests

It can test the voltage, current, charging ripple, etc. Supports 12V and 24V batteries.

7. Color coded for readability

Color coded leads and on the screen make it easy to read on each channel.

8. Large Storage

Conveniently store 32Gb waveforms, store pictures, record videos, etc., without missing  a detail.

9. Connect with mobile phone and computer

Connect with mobile phone, you can view waveforms and control the oscilloscope real-time. Connect to the computer, you can view the waveforms and videos you saved on computer or oscilloscope.

10. Connect with projector

It can be connected to a computer and a projector to facilitate teaching and research.

11. Compatible with other brand leads & Amp Probes

Use existing Amp Probes or  Automotive leads on this scope to save money.  We also sell BNC to Banana adapters if needed.

12. Power

Can be run during testing with the AC charger on or just on the battery. Both are included. Battery is very low cost.

13. Warranty & Updates

3-year warranty on tablet, 1 year on the battery, 90 days on leads. Free lifetime updates by the factory on the internet.

14. AATEC is the Official USA Distributor

Buy the factory official unit to ensure warranty & free updates!

Easy To Operate – Intuitive Interface

It’s equipped with many automotive diagnostic presets. AATEC 3500 Pro Automotive has robust signal analysis performance,  super user-friendly full touch screen or button-based operation.

It has a slim design, with sturdy handles for stable handheld use, and a kick stand for easy table top or car-side use.  All with a long battery life.

  • No manual needed, but fully illustrated manual provided
  • Leads, Scope Connectors and Onscreen Buttons are all Color Coded
  • Extensive number of Presets for all sensors
  • Full touch screen OR use buttons
  • Drag Vertical or Horizontal Ruler to get Exact Reading on scope trace
  • Does all the math for you
  • 32 Gb Internal Storage to save large volume of Data / Videos / Screenshots
  • Intelligent Bi-Directional probe interface

It is a built for field work and is a powerful tool for automotive diagnostics.

The AATEC 3500 Pro Model Has BOTH Touch Screen & Buttons
The AATEC 3500 Pro Model Has BOTH Touch Screen & Buttons
  • Robust hardware design
Sturdy case, Side Handle for ease of carrying, Kickstand for tabletop use
  • Excellent Connectivity
WiFi, HDMI, USB 3.0/2.0, Type-C
  • Powerful Trigger Functions
Support Edge, Pulse, Logic, N Edge, Runt, Slope, Timeout, Video and Serial trigger, most intuitive trigger, fast  trigger source switching.
  • Unparalleled Operating Experience
8-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen with 800 * 600 resolution, integrates a new generation of hardware & software technologies
  • 70Mpts Memory Depth
Hardware-based Zoom technology and up to 70Mpts memory depth, allow users to move and browse waveforms much easier and quickly zoom in to focus on the interested area.
  • Serial Bus Decoding
Support UART, LIN, CAN, I²C, SPI serial bus decoding, display waveform and data at the same time.
  • Integrated Control Panel
Innovative multifunction navigation buttons, deliver quick and accurate control.

Key Specifications

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