OBD2 Diagnostic Port Tester – 8010


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OBD2 Diagnostic Port Tester
OBD2 Diagnostic Port Tester

OBD2 Diagnostic Port Tester – 8010

OBD2 diagnostic port tester easily detects interrupted/faulty supply and communication diagnostic wires

This tester is great for testing the OBD2 port on the vehicle. It will automatically test for power and grounds (pin 16 and Pins 4 & 5 respectively) as well as monitor for shorts or opens on all of the other pins. This tester checks for reversed polarity and for transient spikes that may damage your scan tool. This tester also monitors for and will alert you to a low voltage condition at the connector.

The purpose of the Advanced OBD diagnostic port tester is to make a full test of all kinds of 12V car diagnostic ports. It cannot be used to diagnose defects on the car, but nonetheless using it has a good economic effect, as it saves time and protects expensive diagnostic scanners against damages due to malfunctions in the car’s diagnostic port or problems with the car’s electrical system. A great cost-effective time saver and stops damage to diagnostic equipment.

Almost all professionals working in the automobile service sector have had problems like these, or at least have heard of such problems from their colleagues. If you haven’t personally had such problem that does not mean that you are protected from such problems in some way. The only way to be prevented is to use such a tester.

Furthermore with the help of the Advanced OBD Diagnostic Port Tester you can easily find if there is an interrupted supply wire connected to the diagnostic port, when having communications problems with the diagnostic equipment connected to the car and you can also detect which is the interrupted wire – either chassis ground cable or positive from car battery.

With the help of the Low Battery LED indicator, you can see if the problem is because of a low board voltage in the car.

The Ditex OBD Diagnostic Port Tester can be used to test all types of old diagnostic ports used before the OBD2 standard. All kinds of adaptors for the specific diagnostic port that have an OBD2 female port can be used for this purpose.

OBDporttester-rearWhat does the OBD2 Diagnostic Port Tester test?

  • Low car battery voltage
  • Reversed car battery
  • Check if the OBD2 port has a +12V supply on pin 16
  • Check if the OBD2 port has good ground connections on pins 4 and 5
    Each separate pin on the diagnostic port is tested for*:
  • Voltage over 16V
  • Voltage under 0V
  • Presence of 12V without any resistor (without pin 16).

* Each separate pin of the diagnostic port is tested in the case of stable state event or in the case of single impulses



  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Save time and money
  • Can be used on all types of cars
  • No need for a computer in order to work
  • LED indicators
  • Power check
  • Ground check / Earth check
  • Check ALL OBD2 diagnostic socket pins
  • Test for permanent problems and for transient voltage spikes.


  • OBD port tester – main device
  • Cable OBD2 male to femaleDB15


Operating manual

Manufacturer Warranty: One year

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