NexGen Fuel Pro Kit

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NEXGEN Fuel Testing VideoNexGen Fuel Pro Kit
Gasoline and

Why Test?

  • Most OEMS say test the fuel First
  • Why do injectors and pumps keep failing?
  • Prevent come backs
  • Poor fuel can cause poor performance
  • Charge each time to verify the fuel is not the problem
  • How good is your fuel? Did it kill the parts you are replacing?
  • Why send a truck out that will fail again.
NEXGEN Fuel Pro test Kit

FUEL PRO Test Kit Includes:

  • Fuel thermometer
  • How to use instructions
  • Training presentation
  • Diesel Hydrometer
  • Gasoline Hydrometer
  • Graduated Cylinder
  • Test fluid
  • Urea Refractometer tester
  • Compact carrying case

Watch the Video
NEXGEN Automotive
Testing Tips: Fuel Testing


What Can it Check?

  • Can test Diesel fuel and Gasoline
  • Checks for water in the fuel
  • Checks for contaminant’s
  • Checks Diesel Specific Gravity
  • Checks Gasoline Specific Gravity
  • Checks for water in diesel and Gasoline
  • Checks for Alcohol in both Gasoline and diesel
  • Checks for Urea in Diesel fuel



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