Pressure Diagnostic Kit – 6016

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Diagnostic Pressure Kit
Diagnostic Pressure Kit

In-cylinder pressure testing

This diagnostic pressure kit gives you the opportunity to monitor the engine’s dynamic pressure and vacuum and thus access its performance. It’s designed for all auto repair shops and diagnostic specialists who would like to observe the engine absolute pressure diagram in real time. With the diagnostic pressure kit, you can find serious mechanical defects in the tested cylinder or in the whole engine, find whether an extra air is entering the cylinder. The pressure diagnostic kit allows you to detect clogging of the exhaust ports, reduced exhaust valve lift, or restricted exhaust.

Analysis of the cylinder pressure waveform on a gasoline engine makes it possible to determine the proper synchronization between the crankshaft and the camshafts. Measurement and comparison of cylinder pressure values ​​at certain points provides real-time data that can be very helpful in determining engine health. Built-in presets in the CarScope family oscilloscopes make this tool extremely easy to use and all this directly to your laptop or PC. To better understand the big picture, the waveform screen can be numbered according to the firing order throughout the 720 degrees of engine cycle, even though only one cylinder is being checked for pressure.

The software allows saving the user settings and recording up to 1000 screens with speeds up 15 times per second. You can also view all saved screens in detail or print them. This, of course, does not mean that the diagnostic pressure kit could only be used with the DITEX oscilloscopes. Its standard output (0.5 to 4.5V) makes it possible to use with any other oscilloscope, but a major advantage will be lost, that the vertical axis of the graph will not be graded into pressure units and so for each measurement, additional calculations should be made.


Pressure typeAbsolute
Pressure range0 ÷ 250 PSI (0 ÷ 17.24 bar)
Output0.5 ÷ 4.5V DC (analog, ratiometric)
Supply voltage8 ÷ 16V DC (from car battery)
Accuracy±0.25% FSS
Compensated temperature range-40 to +125 °C
Response time<2mS (10 to 90% step change in pressure)
Electrical connection (pressure sensor)3 pin male Delphi Metri-Pack 150 series
Electrical connection (oscilloscope)BNC connector
Electrical connection (power supply)Two “crocodile” type clips
Pressure connection1/8-27 NPT (additional adapters and extensions also available)
Ingress protection IPIP67
Cable length (to transducer and battery)1 meter
Cable length (to oscilloscope)0.75 meters
Weight (kit)1 kg


It can be used practically with all pressure kits that are available on the market due to its universal output fitting. This versatility extends the application of the kit allowing you to check engine exhaust gases, exhaust system check, measure the turbo boost pressure, fuel and air pressures and compression tests to access the overall engine condition by observing the waveform at one cylinder when the engine is cranking.

Cylinder pressure waveform also allows you to collect the following important pieces of data:
  • Accurate indication of the spark event timing in relation to TDC than is possible using the scan tool data stream;
  • The mechanical condition of the engine by skillfully observing scope pattern of the pressure difference before and after the compression stroke;
  • Position of the exhaust camshaft by observing the timing of the exhaust valve opening;
  • The correct position of the intake camshaft by observing the intake/exhaust valve overlap position and the opening of the intake valve;
  • The condition of the exhaust valve guide in the cylinder tested by waveform analysis;
  • A clogged exhaust by unusually high pressure during the exhaust stroke, which occurs between 180ᴼ and 360ᴼ after the TDC compression wave;
  • Intake vacuum using the cylinder pressure waveform;
  • Timing belt issues by comparing valve action from frame to frame.

In the Kit

  • 250 psi / 17 bar pressure transducer with 1/8”–27 NPT Male
  • Multifunctional cable to the pressure transducer, the car battery and the oscilloscope
  • 12 x 1.25mm spark plug 190 mm extension adapter to the pressure sensor with 1/8-27 NPT
  • 14 x 1.25mm spark plug 190 mm extension adapter to the pressure sensor with 1/8-27 NPT
  • 1/8”–28 G Male to 1/8”–27 NPT Female Brass Adapter
  • 1/4”–19 G Male to 1/8”–27 NPT Female Brass Adapter
  • 1/4”–18 NPT Male to 1/8”–27 NPT Female Brass Adapter
  • User manual



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